What would you bring to celebrate: Cake or Pie?

Is it the extra detail topped on the cake or its dense flavorful bite? the airy sponge? the light whipped cream?  Or would you bring a pie filled with hand-picked organic fruit from your backyard? with a crispy pastry crust? or a pressed crust of ground walnuts, brown sugar, and dairy organic butter?

I remember having little patience waiting for my mom to open the pink box to find the rich dark chocolate dobash cake or the german chocolate cake with coconut frosting…And then there were the days she brought home banana cream pies from Kapiolani Bakery. Key Lime Pies.. and of course Darlene’s homemade custard pies.

Defend your dessert!  Cake or Pie?

Defend your Dessert...is it the Decor or the Flavor


About from paradise hawaii

Ronda Ching Day is a realtor with Century 21 All Islands FINE HOMES & ESTATES in Waikiki. You might find her all over the island scouting for a find or taking a break to indulge in the best mouthwatering treats or discovering local inventions and creations. The island is bursting with new events so you never know where the next frame will come from...
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