Fishcake: stylish gallery of furnishings

I love Kakaako. I love watching it grow, bulge, shrink, hiccup and metamorph. You can see its wings forming. You can find jazz and rock musicians behind closed doors hidden from the street. You can smell the ocean air. You can feel the creative glow against the tinted windows. Listen carefully for another pulse…you’ll find it at 307c Kamani St. FISHCAKE, A General Store of stylish goods from imaginative artists.

I was on my way to meetup with my fellow StartUp Weekend programmers and designers at the BoxJelly behind FISHCAKE and was greeted by Fishcake’s Sales Manager Hasan Scott. Hasan himself could be part of the cosmopolitan set. From Ithaca NY, he looks quite at home amongst the art. His eyes wander and their appreciation for design stops at the pair of fuschia chairs by Jonathan Adler. You’ll leave remembering they were “Mrs. Godfrey” chairs because he says it with such purposeful impression.

They’d be perfect for the Kakaako contemporary condos blocks away.

Mrs Godfrey chairs by Jonathan Adler

Mrs Godfrey chairs, fuschia at fishcake

I asked him what other pieces he liked (as if you could pick just one). He ran to point out the Cuban cigar box light by Glenn Nishida. The Vintage cordial set from their tiimothy ojile Collection. Hmmm, Nesting tables by University of Hawaii (UH) student Hiroe Hasegawa, recycled wood. Wooden tansu set from timothy ojile collection. The Rain tree floor lamp by Mark Chai, Brazilian rain tree Wood.

Fishcake Sales Manager Hasan Scott shows off Cuban Cigar Light

A warehouse of eclectic multi-cultural styles. Wondrous pieces.

Make a point to stop by at the FISHCAKE and let your senses enjoy.

Brazilian rain tree floor lamp


About from paradise hawaii

Ronda Ching Day is a realtor with Century 21 All Islands FINE HOMES & ESTATES in Waikiki. You might find her all over the island scouting for a find or taking a break to indulge in the best mouthwatering treats or discovering local inventions and creations. The island is bursting with new events so you never know where the next frame will come from...
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3 Responses to Fishcake: stylish gallery of furnishings

    • You’ll have to visit Hawaii on a stopover to Asia and or around the world…research the Asian Pacific design and accessories on each island! And when you do, we’ll have to meet. 🙂

      p.s. keep sending nifty ideas how to makeover tiny (even boring) spaces, lanais (balcony/patios) and yards!

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